EONCOMThe Nuclear Industry Uniform Catalogue of the equipment and materials  (E-Catalogue) as the electronic database of products, which is one of the basic elements of the MULTI-D complex objects construction management technologies has elaborated in ASE Engineering company for the construction of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP).

The information from E-Catalogue is using in production processes of engineering and procurement ,including such objects as:
- Normative regulatory  documentsValve
- Description of product item
- 3D models

The main objectives of the E-Catalogue are:
- The generation of product classification on the principle of hierarchical heritage of features;
- Uniform and structured description of each product class features;
- Development of the E-Catalogue’s modules and tools for introduction, storage and instantiation of objects to ensure business processes and interfaces of all types for the E-Catalogue users;
- Filling-in and updating information about product  in E-Catalogue’s databas;
- Provision the policy of access to information in the E-Catalogue database depending on the assigned user role.


The main groups of information users from the E-Catalogue are the engineering company’s design services and procurement ASE Engineering company.

In view of the totality of implemented objectives, the E-Catalogue as an electronic information resource filling with documents and design 3D models can be useful for both NPP customer and contractor at various NPP construction stages.

For the international market, the E-Catalogue data model allows to save and record information about  products for localization amount of works for the country customer of the NPPVent .

The tools and role-based model access allows suppliers to determine independently the volume of information about their products to be presented into the E-Catalogue, at the same time, suppliers can view and edit information introduced earlier into the E-Catalogue.

One of the key advantages of the E-Catalogue is the accumulation of 3D adapted models ready to be transmitted into design project systems. Competence of the E-Catalogue’s experts allow to create compound 3D models to ensure 3D-modelling of installation and repair according to MULTI-D technology.

EquipmentThe developer and owner of  E-Catalogue is ASE division of System Engineering and Information Technology.

Developer and owner of the E-Catalogue software (ENOVIA V6) is Dassault Systems.


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