Information on equipment to be supplied to NPP construction sites is entered into the Catalogue database in the following stages
- a product specimen card is created
- the card is filled in with information to the extent required by regulatory documents
- Electronic copies of technical documentation on the items are uploaded

Supplier, registered in the Catalogue database, creates a product specimen card:
- when implementing the terms of the supply contract stipulating to enter the information on the equipment supplied into the Catalogue
- as a response to the design requirement published on the site in the section «Project needs»
- as a way to demonstrate the capabilities of the enterprise to meet the demand in equipment and materials for NPP construction

To save time and resources Supplier can consult engineers of Acquisition and fill-in group of JSC ASE whose contact information is provided in the section «Contacts».

In addition, each Supplier can have a training course how to work with the Catalogue database by sending a relevant letter to JSC ASE 

The registration procedure and requirements for work in the database for foreign companies (outside RF) are stated in the relevant Manual.


- Regulations for filling
- Instruction on registration
- Agreement on web-service using
- Supply procedure for Supplier of imported equipment, items, materials, semi-finished products and accessories for Belorussian NPP


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